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Josephine Anna Kaszuba Locke: Suspense … Intrigue … Immediately Gripping. My Own Created Quote: The Coil is taut, it slackens and releases its tension… not knowing how stretched the coil can become… nor when it will be taut again. (JAKL)
In THE COIL, author Gayle Lynds has created a marvelously-rendered, tantalizing, suspenseful drama of global intrigue, with an exceptionally brilliant writing style. Lynds’ book will no doubt be one of the top performers in the world of espionage and intrigue.

Lynds instantly peaks the reader’s interest within the opening pages, traveling from scene to scene, chapter to chapter with ease in following the author’s ingenious connection of descriptive words and sentences in relation to each other, creating a high desire to continue reading THE COIL to the end. Just when the reader is hooked on a probability, it becomes a possibility that does not become a reality. There is no opportunity for the reader to chance a viable guess to the outcome. Characters make their appearance, some are murdered, while others come and go – never knowing who is to be or not to be trusted.

Liz Sansborough, Professor in Psychology Department, at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a past intelligence agent, begins to spin backward into a world she thought was left behind five years ago. An abduction of her look-alike, cousin Sarah and attempted murder of Sarah’s husband Asher, while on their vacation in Paris; several attempts on Liz’s life, a suspicious sudden “hold” placed on her TV series — “Secrets of the Cold War”, plus a break-in to her office research files are the beginnings of a tailspin into her past. The peaceful five years she created begin to shatter.

The story evolves around a search for special files… “the Carnivore’s files”… once belonging to Liz’s father and his past as an assassin. An organization of high-power Titans – a.k.a. The Coil – each a controlling power assigned password names such as Cronus, Hyperion, Themis; wanting world-wide globalization, but specifically the Carnivore files, before the organization can reach its goals.

Liz Sansborough’s character is astute and discerning, strong and determined to survive the investigation and search for the file, the organization behind it all and the compelling desire to put an end to complex events.

Caught in a high wind, the windmill revolves faster and faster, uncovering a whirlwind of events. Liz Sansborough again faces individuals from her past and into the present among which are: cousin Simon; Kirk Tedesco; Angus MacIntosh; Nicholas Inglethorpe; Gino Malko; Aunt Tish; Cesar Duchesne. The reader struggles along with the heroine to determine… who’s the bad guy? who’s the good guy? who is friend? and who is foe?

Liz Sansborough and the reader continue throughout the gripping fast-paced pages until the ending. Or is it the end…?

Recommended read: SPLIT SECOND by David Baldacci

Carol Bergstron, Sedona, AZ: I just finished THE COIL and I loved it! As a matter of fact, I read it cover to cover. When next I visit The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale I intend to pick up your previous work, MASQUERADE. Again, thank you so much for allowing me to enter your drawing for the ARC.

Janet Walker, Lufkin, TX: I give this book five stars out of five. It was totally engrossing throughout. It is a very rare author that can keep me guessing about the “bad guy” until the end….I have not been so thoroughly entertained in a long time. I had grown tired of the espionage genre when one well-known author’s works kept getting more and more grandiose in scope. Gayle Lynds characters had enough depth to hook me and keep me involved until the end. I am discriminating and fast reader. I look for authors that I like and then will buy everything they write. Unfortunately no one writes as fast as I read so I am always looking for new authors. Gayle Lynds has just jumped to the head of my list. Thank you. I love St. Martin Press books!

Tracy Farnsworth, owner & editor of Though the release date is April 7th, started selling Gayle Lynds riveting new book early. ALIAS fans will not want to miss this book, nor will readers looking for an action-packed edge-of-your-seat thriller. Try to keep from biting your nails too much… (more)

Randi Kennedy, Council Bluffs, IA: OH MY!!! I am into THE COIL, and I’m blown away!!! It’s so tightly written and has such a terrific balance of suspense among the characters! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Just had to tell you I think it’s stupendous!!!!!

Carol Segina, Mount Vision, NY: Just a quick note to let you know that I have read COIL and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like MASQUERADE it starts fast and never slows down. I was a fan of Ludlum’s early books and also Helen Mac Innes’s and enjoy fast paced suspense. Both COIL and MASQUERADE (which I have just reread before reading COIL) hold up very well in that company of novels. Both are well written, exciting reads which I will recommend to friends and family. I had lost track of your books after MASQUERADE. I intend to look for the two intervening books, I hope they are still in print. Congratulations on a very good book. It sure held my interest to the end.

Cheryl Westlake: Thank you again for my Advance Readers Copy of THE COIL, another excellent read with twist and turns involving international entities. I liked the fact you left it open with, I hope, another book on the horizon. I enjoyed the references to the “Covert One” series and hope other readers will investigate reading those novels as well. I’m sure the typos and editing will be cleaned up prior to THE COIL going to full production. [Note from Gayle: Alas, the nature of ARCs is that they’re uncorrected proofs. They really ARE uncorrected. One works very hard to make certain every typo and error is found and changed before the actual hardcover is published.]

Cory Slipman, Rockville Centre, NY: I’ve just concluded reading your latest novel and believe you have a real winner on your hands. Your thriller was clever, fast paced, cerebral and Intriguing. The character development was well conceived as the alliances and relationships were established among them and flowed nicely within the plot. Your grasp of geopolitics gave your storyline believability and demonstrated much research was done. The ending with the Duchesne/Carnivore and Lord Henry twists were unexpected and therefore very impressive. Thanks for the opportunity to have a sneak preview of THE COIL. Hope it is a rousing success for you.

Evelyn Whitehill, Council Bluffs, IA: I just wanted to let you know that I read THE COIL en route to Monterey for Left Coast Crime. It was a wonderful way to spend the day. I enjoyed it very much and appreciate the opportunity to read it. The world is a bit of a scary place and it is not hard to imagine all kinds of conspiracies by the powerful people who abound. Do you have inside information???? Again, thank you for the book. [Note from Gayle: Yup, indeed I do have insider information. Sometimes life is just too interesting, which just gives me one more reason to write political thrillers.]

Howard Barich, Lake Worth, FL: Thank you for the advance reading copy of THE COIL. I enjoyed it immensely. The vivid characters coupled with the European intrigue and suspense from Brussels to Paris to Santa Barbara to Slovakia to Scotland made the book a real page-turner. The many twist and turns made guessing the outcomes very difficult if not impossible. I am adding MASQUERADE to my must read list. Thanks again.

Jack Linnell, Tucson, AZ: Well, I have finished THE COIL. The bodies are stacked like cordwood, the blood is over my knees and I am still somewhat stunned…. But that’s the idea, right? I once wrote about Jeffrey Deaver, when reviewing one of his novels, that I would not want his nightmares. I think I will add you to that list. That’s a devious and dangerous world that Liz and Simon are finding their way in and it takes a special mind set to create it. Have you got a publication date in April established yet? I will circle the date and plan to give it a 5 star review. What are you working on now or are you just catching your breath and getting ready for a book tour? Thanks for introducing me to your writing.

Michael R. McKenna, Port Orange, FL: I received the Advanced Copy of your new novel THE COIL earlier this week. It is a fantastic read…. It is fast paced and full of action and intrigue. The plot is a truly believable scenario. The characters are true heroes you want to win and get closure on this undertaking, and get on with the rest of you lives…. I hope you plan to feature Liz and Simon in future novels. They could be enduring characters such as: Kinsey Milhone, Kay Scarpetta, Stephanie Plum, or in a limited series like Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, who was also a university professor. Another possible option would to have them become a government contract agent like Clint Eastwood in Trevanian’s THE EIGER SANCTION, who was a university art history professor and did wet work.

Tami Brandt, La Grange, MO: (CONTAINS SPOILERS) I thought I would do as I said. But I never thought I’d get so sucked into the story as I did. You are a wonderful writer. I rarely read suspense, but THE COIL is an engaging fast paced story, hun. I read at night before I sleep, and there I was at 6 a.m. still reading your book. I was fighting sleep to read it. I wasn’t expecting you to kill the Secretary of State off as you did. It was surprising. I’m in the last third of the book right now. Will let you know when I’m done. 🙂 You should be VERY proud of your work, hun. You write a wonderful tale…. Thank you for the opportunity to read your work before it came out. 🙂

Gail Foster, Novato, CA: Just finished THE COIL, and this one is sooooo awesome!!!….. I mean it’s beyond AWESOME!!!! Heart-pounding tantalizing suspense …the fully fleshed out characters, the intricate plot, the setting….everything about this book was phenomenal!!!! I LOVED this book…..waaaaaaaaay more than allll of your books combined….!!! It’s truly a masterpiece. I love the way you tied it all up in one nice package with the epilogue. (we were just in Sicily four months ago, and it was nice to be able to actually picture the area you were writing about!). I usuallly just whip thru books but as I mentioned before I had to slow my reading down so as to savor each and ever word…and then towards the end I actually put it aside and went back to ‘reading lolita in tehran’ (something completely different)…just to make your book last longer…..!!!! And then when I actually did finish reading it….there came a WOW!!!!

I read that you had originally presented your editor with 700 pages of this…. Well I sure would’ve loved to read those 700 pages, but I am glad that this book was a nice hefty one rather than a simple 300 pager…. Since you’re with a new publisher now, I sincerely hope that they will show you and THE COIL the respect that is SO warranted and give you reallly fine marketing!!!! Case in point, Dan Brown’s book….. The NYTimes even did an article last April about the fine points of proper marketing and how it truly paid off with DA VINCI CODE!!!! You know what would be a really great idea? How about having them make up a bookmark to be placed in with MASQUERADE and/or with THE COIL? That’s usually a grabber. Just a thought. I most certainly am going to be doing my part in yakking this book up ….. I tend to talk to complete strangers in bookstores just to get them to read a book that I think is amazing!!!!

The grammar in your book is impeccable!! I only say this because many times when I read a really good book, the grammar is sometimes so bad and distracting that I just have to stop reading!!!! You’re really good!!!! You also mentioned that you had written THE COIL before DVC…. Does that mean that you’ve already got the sequel????? You used the term ‘series’ in relation to these books…. so that would make me think that you have or are planning more….yes???? I think that since you’re such a prolific writer, you should start writing under a pseudonym so we can get more of your talent….eh/???

BTW I read well over 100 books a year and am verrry picky about my choices… I’ve been an ardent fan of yours since MASQUERADE, but with THE COIL you have completely won me over…. You’re in my top 5, and I’ll be your number one fan forever!!!! just keep writing …..FAST!!!!! My thanks to you for many hours of pure pleasure…..

I would be glad to send it to you again, this time inside the e-mail. I have been reading some good books lately. I finished Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” recently, and I am currently reading Thomas Harris’s “The Silence of the Lambs”, which is only moderately creepy so far, but i can hear Anthony Hopkins’ voice every time Lechter speaks.

Joe Sherry, Bloomington, MN: THE COIL is Gayle Lynds’ fourth solo novel (she has also written three others with Robert Ludlum). THE COIL is the sequel to MASQUERADE and features Liz Sansborough as the protagonist. This novel takes place approximately five years after MASQUERADE, and Liz Sansborough is now a college professor teaching out in California. She is a former CIA agent who was deemed far too compromised as an agent to ever be allowed to return. Liz is the daughter of the notorious assassin, The Carnivore, and it is because of this connection that she was unable to return to the CIA.

Liz teaches a course on the psychology of violence and now views violence as one of the great evils of society and that violence should be avoided at all costs, even in self defense. This is who Liz is, but the novel opens with Liz’s friend, Sarah Walker, being kidnapped while on vacation and Sarah’s husband being shot during the kidnapping. The kidnapper tells Asher (Sarah’s husband) to get The Carnivore’s files. At the same time this is happening, Liz is attacked and almost killed when she is out running. Liz is eventually contacted by the CIA to help them find her father’s files and to save Sarah. This pushes Liz across two continents in a race to find the files before the kidnappers and to rescue Sarah Walker.

The first thing that I appreciated about this novel is that it wasn’t necessary to have read MASQUERADE to understand who Liz Sansborough is or what is going on. Gayle Lynds does an excellent job in setting up the story that all the necessary background is provided in a way that does not feel like it is just dropped into the novel in a big chunk. Rather, the background info is revealed to us in bits and pieces in such a manner that it is appropriate to the story that is being told.

Another thing that I liked was how fast paced the story was. I have not read many espionage novels, but the image of what they were like was dispelled by THE COIL. This story moved! There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, and I was never entirely sure where the story was going. Lynds also kept the body count high enough that I didn’t know who was going to live and who was going to die, and this kept up the tension and suspense. Not having read any of Gayle Lynds’ work, I had no idea what to expect going into THE COIL. I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the higher compliments I can give is by saying that THE COIL was good enough that it made me want to read her other novels (specifically MASQUERADE).

Terry Zobeck, Herndon, VA: In order to be successful a good thriller must have a complex plot that grabs you by the throat with the opening paragraphs and doesn’t let go over the ensuing 400 pages, a sympathetic lead character, and interesting locales from around the world. Gayle Lynds’ new thriller succeeds tremendously on all accounts.
Liz Sansborough was a secondary but pivotal character in Lynds’ first thriller, MASQUERADE (1996). Her cousin Sarah Walker took center stage in that book, which focused on the hunt for the Carnivore, an international assassin. Now, their roles are reversed with Liz being the lead character in The Coil.

Following the death of the Carnivore, Liz retired from the CIA and took up an academic position at U.C. Santa Barbara, teaching a course on the psychology of violence. With Sarah’s kidnapping in Paris and a simultaneous attempt on Liz’ life in Santa Barbara we’re off and running. It seems the Carnivore left behind detailed records of his many “hits”, including client names. A ruthless blackmailer appears to have the files and is systematically extorting and murdering the Carnivore’s clients.

The Coil, a secretive group of the world’s elite politicians and businessmen, also wants the files, and thinks that Liz has them or knows how to get them. Liz and Sarah–and Sarah’s husband, Asher Flores–are caught between these unseen forces.

Liz must rescue Sarah with little understanding of who has kidnapped her or why. She soon learns that she can trust no one as additional attempts on her life are made. Fortunately for Liz, her path soon crosses that of another cousin Simon Childs, an MI6 agent working deep undercover to keep tabs on the anti-globalization movement–and whose father committed suicide rather than submit to the blackmailer’s demands. Simon is now a rogue MI6 agent as he conducts a personal search for the blackmailer.

The action shifts from California to Paris to London to Brussels to Bratislava and finally to Scotland. Lynds expertly weaves in interesting discussions of the morality of violence and globalization, topics not usually encountered in the genre.

The pace never flags, with bodies piling up and unexpected plot twists and turns. Lynds does not take the easy way out of making her villains one-dimensional and all-out bad. Their original motives are high-minded, but you know what they say about how the road to hell is paved.

Lynds has crafted her best book yet. THE COIL is a full-throttle thrill ride from start to finish.

Ken Van Durand, Windermere, FL: With no Cold War, the agents of globalization are the central foes in THE COIL by Gayle Lynds.

Former CIA agent Liz Sansborough and undercover MI6 agent Simon Childs cross over England, Scotland and France attempting to recover the secret files of the “Carnivore,” one of the most successful and infamous Cold War assassins. The files are said to contain details on many high profile hits ordered and paid for by powerful politicos and industrialists. The “Carnivore” also happens to be Liz’s father. Whoever currently possesses the long lost files is using the info to blackmail eminent world figures and leaders—not for money, but to promote a secret agenda.

Liz and Simon are not alone is chasing the files. There are the kidnappers who have her cousin, a shadowy group of powerful corporate leaders known as The Coil, and eventually the CIA and MI6 disavow Liz and Simon and leave them twisting in the wind.
In this complex tale of international conspiracy, espionage, blackmail, deceit and conniving few are what they appear to be. Trust is impossible, self-reliance the best weapon.

At times the more Liz and Simon learn, the less they know. After many misdirections, the parallel plots of the search for the files, the kidnapping and the incredible power and reach of The Coil converge for a powerful ending.

THE COIL is high-octane suspense with imaginative and intelligent protagonists versus determined villains with unlimited resources. Suspend some disbelief and enjoy a smart, complicated novel of international suspense. Required reading for any one who has ever embraced a conspiracy theory.

Tanzey Cutter, Tecumseh, KS: Liz Sansborough, whose dead father was the infamous assassin called the Carnivore, has built a new life for herself after leaving the CIA as a field agent. She leads a quiet life in Southern California as a college professor, using her knowledge to teach the psychology of violence. She’s now so opposed to violence that she won’t even touch a weapon.

Then Liz is almost killed in an attack. At the same time, her cousin, Sarah, is kidnapped in Paris, and Sarah’s husband, Asher Flores, is badly wounded. Enter CIA agent Simon Childs, but can he be trusted to help or hinder the situation? Liz knows that she’s the only one who can rescue Sarah by finding her father’s long-lost files and turning them over to the kidnappers. Those secret files are said to contain the type of information that can topple governments, and the clandestine organization called the Coil will do anything to get them. But nothing is as it seems, causing more problems than anyone ever imagined.

This fast-paced international espionage thriller, a sequel to MASQUERADE, is Lynds at her best. With an abundance of surprising twists and turns, smart and savvy writing, as well as mysterious and compelling characters, it kept me riveted to the end. A great read!

Sally A. Fellows, Omaha, NE: In the murky world of espionage, nothing is ever as it seems and you should trust few and them only in a limited way. This is the world Liz Sansborough had fled, replacing it with the academic life in California. But no one escapes apparently. Two sets of spies are searching for her father’s files and she must get to them first. To entice her, Sarah Walker, her cousin, has been kidnapped and Sarah’s husband, Asher Flores, wounded.

Her late father was an assassin for hire who had never come in out of the cold. He had worked for many otherwise law-abiding people who were now open to blackmail by whoever had the files. The blackmailer seemed to be demanding not money, but certain actions which would enrich him.

Joining Liz in her plunge back into the murky world of CIA and MI6 is Simon Childs who has his own reasons for finding the files. They must find Sarah as well and release her from her kidnappers.

Excitement is the watchword of thrillers and this is no exception. We go from crisis to crisis, always thinking this time Liz will find what she is looking for, and we only discover new surprises and new challenges. As we expect, nothing is as it seems on the surface and there are all sorts of secrets which Liz and Simon must unravel and tests they must pass in order to succeed.

The story is played out against a European backdrop, from Bratislava to France to England. The international flavor of the events helps to highlight the cosmopolitan atmosphere in which the villains move. We learn of all sorts of conspiracies and many of them seems more than plausible.

Liz and Simon are believable protagonists although they survive dangers most of us could not. Nonetheless the reader will suspend her disbelief long enough to plunge into the rapid action and be carried along to a very surprising denouement.

In the days of the demise of the Cold War, Lynds has found a different sort of villain than terrorists and this provides a refreshing look at an exciting and baffling world for those of us who want our action vicarious.

Bonnie Toews, Canada: Gayle Lynds strikes a best seller with THE COIL, her newest espionage thriller. While her mentor, Robert Ludlum, proved he was a practical visionary who used his novels to warn the public of political corruption at the highest government levels, Lynds has found a unique signature in this genre, apart from the books she has co-authored with him.

She brings more human dimension to the chess game of “what ifs” in her novels. She delves into specific psychological and physiological conditions, which interplay with her protagonists’ inner conflicts and novels’ plots, to educate her readers about real experiences that happen to real people. In her first three novels—MASQUERADE, MOSAIC, and MESMERIZED—she has dealt with the effects of Asperger’s syndrome, cellular memory and conversion disorder.

In THE COIL, Lynds explores the psychology of violence in the betrayal of the world’s ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots.’ Heroine Liz Sanborough is a psychology professor, who is forced out of retirement to return to spying for the CIA to rescue the two people she loves most. At least she believes she is working for the CIA when her look-alike cousin, journalist Sarah Walker, and her CIA-agent husband, Asher Flores, are kidnapped in Paris. Their ransom? A disk of zipped files Liz’s father compiled. They detail targets and clients he worked for as an independent hired assassin code-named Carnivore.

Either before or after Carnivore died in an explosion, someone pilfered his files and is blackmailing powerful figures to manipulate the globalization of trade and multi-national mergers. The kidnappers believe Liz has them and want the files to launch their own agenda of control over the world’s economies. As the bodies fall and the suspense builds, Lynds’ maze of intrigue spirals into ever evolving deceptions that isolate Liz….

Enter another of Liz’s cousins, Simon Childs, an MI6 agent. He is also pursuing the Carnivore’s files because he believes they will lead to his step-father’s murderer. Together they search for the secret group of conspirators whose influence reaches up to their chiefs in the CIA and MI6. The closer they get to recovering Carnivore’s files, however, the more “The Coil” isolates them until it finally traps them in its web of ultimate betrayal. Even if Liz and Simon find the files in time to save Sarah and Asher, “The Coil” cannot let any of them live to identify the members of its diabolical inner sanctum of world power.

Throughout the chase to find the files, Liz grapples with her longing to trust someone and her belief that violence begets violence. She refuses to carry a gun, determined to battle her adversaries with wit and surprise martial art moves, until her lack of firepower almost costs the lives of her cousins when she flubs a rescue attempt. At this point, the pros and cons to physical violence pitch Liz headlong into the realm of realistic possibilities. So, while suspense drives the reader to stick to the story until the very last page, it is impossible to close another Lynds’ book without thinking about the underlying human condition this novel explores.

Gayle Lynds not only deserves to carry on Robert Ludlum’s torch in espionage thrillers, she enriches his brilliance with responsive revelations. After reading THE COIL for instance, where will we stand on the issues of violence, as a person and as a nation? How long can we afford to let the question go unanswered? THE COIL won’t let us forget. And if we’re not prepared to decide, Lynds shows us the consequences of our collective apathy in the real world. She makes us think, and in doing so, makes a difference in our lives.

Steve Gandy, Silver Creek, GA: “WOW! Have the oxygen bottle close. This one will take your breath … and keep it. Starts with a bang and then … the intensity just builds and builds … until it’s the last page … and then … leaves you out of breath and wanting to do it again. Great work, Gayle. Can’t wait until next time. I’m keeping the oxygen bottle handy.”

Bob Luna, Borders Books & Music, Littleton, CO: “I put down THE COIL for the last time on Sunday night, and I didn’t want it to end. It stands on its own merit without being a sequel. The story was real, the pace was great. I’m looking forward to telling my book group about it. Congrats, Gayle. As a fan of this genre, this is your best book to date. Give yourself two stars, one for THE COIL, and one for MASQUERADE. Once again, Thank You for letting me be one of the first to read THE COIL.”

Vicki Ball, webmaster at “THE COIL is a keep-you-up-all-night thriller! Liz Sansborough has built a new and happy life in Southern California, where she’s a university professor, specializing in the psychology of violence. She’s so opposed to violence that she won’t even carry a weapon. She has left her past and her work with the CIA behind her and prefers it that way.

When her look-alike cousin, Sarah, is kidnapped, Sarah’s husband Asher [a CIA operative] is severely wounded, attempts are made on Sarah’s life, and those around her are killed.

Liz is on the run — first to France. Her primary objective is to rescue Sarah, but fulfilling the kidnapper’s request requires her to go looking for something she did not believe existed — her dead father’s files on the assassinations he carried out. A clandestine international organization, based on a real-life one, will risk everything to find those same files. With the help of another cousin and left out in the cold by her old employer, Liz must try to unravel an increasingly complex cast of characters.

Gayle Lynds has written a tight, dizzying thriller that caused me to lose a lot of sleep; she has picked up where Robert Ludlum left off and Clancy sometimes falls short. Even with the clues strewn throughout the book, this one will keep you guessing page after page. Well done, Gayle! [And be sure to read about the research that led to the book when you’re done!]”

Kristin Lewis, Santa Barbara, CA: “Gayle Lynds has done it again! She has written yet another book with a very complicated plot that keeps moving quickly from the very first pages. The reader must be on his or her toes from the start to keep the “good guys” and the “bad guys” straight. In addition to the level of who attempted to throw our heroine, Liz, off the cliff, the reader wonders about the title… what is a “Coil”?

Gayle weaves this Coil expertly into the book as the reader goes along, adding to the mystery. Liz faces her own attempts on her life while other members of her family are also in jeopardy, and Gayle keeps all these threads going at the same time.

This adds to the quickly moving, complicated plot line. In addition to the threats and attempts on Liz and her family members, Gayle has written this book with very current political events, almost right out of current newspapers. This adds yet another level of interest to the story line.

Gayle has set the thriller in different settings around the world from Santa Barbara, CA, to Paris, France to England and Scotland. The scenery is described in great detail, adding yet another layer to the intrigue of this book.

It is not necessary to read MASQUERADE first, where readers first meet Liz and her family, but it may help. Gayle refers to Liz’s past very well in THE COIL, which also adds to the thrill in reading this book.

I loved the book, and highly recommend it to be read!”

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