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Step into the thrilling world of THE BOOK OF SPIES. From London to Rome, Istanbul to Athens, you’re in for high adventure and fascinating forays into books and novels as you search for the real-life Library of Gold. Here are some of the evocative places you’ll visit….

Getty Center, Los Angeles, California
The Getty Center crowns a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains, with breath-taking views across the city to the ocean. Sheathed in glass and Italian travertine stone, the striking art complex is where our heroine, Eva Blake, works. Eva is a top curator of ancient and medieval illuminated manuscripts.
getty centre
Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, Northwest Washington, D.C.
This wonderful stone church is the site of the funeral for Judd Ryder’s father. Judd retired from military intelligence only a month earlier. Here he learns from an undercover CIA officer that his father has seen the long-lost Library of Gold, and was perhaps killed because of it.
chevy chase presbyterian church
British Museum, London, England
The museum, with its at looming columns, sheer stone walls, and Greek Revival carvings and statues, is close to Eva’s heart. She often visited with her husband. Now she’s here to attend the opening of a special show from the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection. The highlight is exciting – the only known illuminated manuscript from Ivan the Terrible’s lost Library of Gold. It’s called The Book of Spies.
british museum
Lamb public house, London, England
On the run, Eva and Judd slip into the Lamb public house. In earlier times, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and the Bloomsbury Group were regulars. Editors and writers still show up today. A classic old-school pub, it has dark woods and smoke-brown walls and is located in old Bloomsbury, the beating heart of London’s literary world.
lamb pub
Monti Quarter, Rome, Italy
Hot on the trail of the Library of Gold, Judd and Eva fly to Rome, where they go to the historic Monti Quarter, one of the most ancient neighborhoods in the city, to visit an American professor who might know more than he realizes. This is Piazza Santa Maria dei Monti, the center of the charming quarter, where art, history, and danger meet.
The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul – ancient Constantinople – holds promise for Judd and Eva. At the Light of the Ottomans Gate they plunge into the labyrinthine streets of the fifteenth-century Grand Bazaar. Completely roofed and domed, with thick exterior walls, gates, and doors, it teems with 4,000 shops, miles and miles of avenues and lanes, and hidden nooks known only to locals, and perilous for outsiders to enter.
turkish bazaar
Theater of Dionysus, Athens, Greece
Dating back to before the time of Alexander the Great, the storied Theater of Dionysus in Athens is the famed birthplace of drama and comedy. With marble seats and thrones and carvings of satyrs and gods, the amphitheater rises up the hillside in a semicircle just beneath the glorious Parthenon. Here Eva and Judd meet a source and barely escape disaster.
dionysus theatre
Washington, D.C.
All stories must end, and THE BOOK OF SPIES is no different. But its ending is in a highly secret place – the long-hidden home of the Library of Gold – which Judd and Eva finally are able to locate while in Athens. Since you may want to read the book in order to discover yourself where the library is, we’ll end our tour back in Washington, D.C., where Judd and Eva return, victorious, wiser, and ready to embark on new lives.

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