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Brussels, Belgium
Another beautiful European capital, Brussels is steeped in history. First inhabited by an agrarian Neolithic civilization in 2250 B.C., it was later considered one of the nicest corners of the Roman Empire in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. Today it’s better known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, chocolates and incredible beer. It has also become an important center of European Union activity, and it is here that THE COIL’s deadly assassin makes his first kill.
To see how Gino Malko works, check out chapter 1 of THE COIL. To keep exploring Brussels, go to:
ucsb Santa Barbara, California
Lush with flowering hibiscus and stately palm trees, the city’s coastline can drop precipitously into the sea. Professor Liz Sansborough teaches the psychology of violence at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where towering cliffs rim the campus. Liz is out for her usual jog on a cliff-top trail when she’s attacked from behind.
To find out how she survives, read Chapter 2 of The Coil. 
For a view of the university and the fifty-foot high cliffs from which she’s thrown, visit
Bratislava, Slovakia
Once under rigid Communist control, Bratislava is now experiencing a Renaissance as the capital of the recently formed Slovak Republic. It’s an exciting city right now, a colorful blend of dark history and bright new opportunities. This is the atmosphere in which we first encounter Simon Childs, deep under cover as Blase Kusterle and embroiled in a dangerous Anti-Globalization protest.
To find out how Simon handles this crisis, see Chapter 4 of THE COIL. For more about Bratislava, visit
Zürich, Switzerland
No story involving the world’s shadowy power brokers could avoid a trip to Zurich. Once a Roman customs post by the name of Turicum, the town steadily increased its financial clout over hundreds of years, and today is the heart of secret international banking. In this deceptively picturesque setting, we follow Simon Childs as he struggles to unravel the conspiracy surrounding his step-father’s death. Was it really a suicide? And what was the true reason for it? To find the answers, turn to Chapter 11 of THE COIL.
For more photos and information, click below:
soho Soho district, London, England
After midnight, a carnival atmosphere infuses Soho. Cigar smoke and music flood from the open doors of pubs and clubs, while the young drink and dance and smoke and sniff. But beneath this boisterous surface, violence simmers. Liz Sansborough and Simon Childs must track down an underworld figure, a cold-blooded killer, who reportedly owns one of the nightclubs.
To discover how their “interview” with the gangster turns out, read Chapter 16 of The Coil. To view several Soho clubs, visit
The Pigalle, Paris, France
Pigalle is Paris’s red-light district, once the haunt of Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, and hundreds of titled Victorians. Most of the great cabarets are gone, but at night the old quartier is still madly alive, pulsing with sleazy bars and peep shows, tabacs and saloons. Liz Sansborough and Simon Childs are trapped there in a room with a very colorful — and perilous — view.
moulin rouge
To know more, read Chapters 32–35 of The Coil. You can visit the Moulin Rouge, Pigalle’s fabulous grand dame of cabarets:
scotland Ayrshire, Scotland
This rugged coastal county south of Glasgow became known to many after the release of the movie Braveheart. From 1286 to 1314, it was the scene of Scotland’s bitter fight for independence from England, led by heroes Robert the Bruce and William Wallace (portrayed by Mel Gibson). Today, though just as rugged, Ayrshire is home to the more peaceful pursuits of raising dairy cows and wool sheep, and don’t forget golf! Here at an exclusive golfing resort, Liz Sansborough and Simon Childs at last pinpoint their quarry — the ruthless mogul who has been using the Carnivore’s illicit files to manipulate entire governments. The problem is, he and his men are expecting them.
For the high-octane conclusion to The Coil, read Chapters 48 through 52. You can investigate a similar resort — the Turnberry, renowned for its championship


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