CIA Test: Operational Scenario

While you’re at the Farm, the CIA’s very secret base in Virginia, you’ll receive paramilitary training including airborne jumps and a POW camp experience, learn how to work with explosives, experience and conduct vehicle “crash and burn” on both land and water, and become versed in weapons, recruiting, and surveilling. One of the most important of your courses will be to plan operations in fictitious nations with names like Vaingloria, Arrogancia, and Farlandia. The following instructions and map were donated to Gayle by a retired Agency spy:

You, a new CIA Operations Officer, have been assigned to the country of Farlandia under official cover. Farlandia is a tightly controlled socialist nation run by a harsh – and very paranoid – dictator. The Farlandian Government has long been suspicious of Westerners, particularly Americans, and closely monitors their movements in the country. The Farlandian people, on the other hand, are friendly and curious about foreigners. Many have learned some English in school and are anxious to try out their language skills on Americans.

The government’s ever-present security and intelligence forces, however, make it difficult to strike up more than a passing relationship with Farlandians. It’s not unusual to hear of Farlandrians who have befriended Westerners disappearing, and their mutilated bodies turning up along roads in the countryside.

As an accredited American official, you have access to Farlandrian officials and many of the elite Farlandians – doctors, lawyers, wealthy business owners, and others – who often attend the many diplomatic parties. These people are not as closely watched and are much more open with Americans.

The U.S. government has long suspected the Farlandian government of having a fledgling Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program. Over the past several years, the CIA Station has been getting unsubstantiated reports of a biological weapons (BW) development program somewhere in the suburbs of the capital.

At the Station’s morning meeting, one of your fellow Ops Officers reports that her key agent last night reported he had overheard a discussion of a BW program in a hospital complex that services Farlandian officials and the elite. The Chief of Station assigns you the job of developing more information on this complex and confirming the information. He emphasizes that the White House is highly interested in this issue.

What do you do?


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The Assassins The Book of Spies The Last Spymaster The Coil Mesmerized
Mosaic Masquerade The Altman Code The Paris Option The Hades Factor
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