• Winner of the Military Writers Society
    of America Founder’s Award

    “[The Assassins] will surely stand with the year’s best thrillers.” – David Baldacci

    Former spy Judd Ryder is walking home when he spots a man wearing his clothes and who looks just like him. Moments later the imposter is killed in a vicious hit-and-run that’s no accident. Was the double the intended victim, or Judd himself?

    “You get hooked on page one.” — Nelson DeMille

    “It’s the ultimate battle of wits…. a master class in suspense.” — Lisa Gardner

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  • “What’s REALLY Behind Conspiracy Theories?”
     CBS Sunday Morning interviews Gayle

    “Spy novelist Gayle Lynds has made an entire career out of dreaming up conspiracies, hundreds of them. Her office, at home near Portland, Maine, is a breeding ground for conspiracies, filled to bursting with evil secrets and nefarious plots….” Watch the segment


  • “Gods, Goddesses, and Dumpster Divers”

    Gayle was told nobody wanted to read spy novels by women. She proved them wrong in a big way. Early in her career she was often compared to Robert Ludlum, and then he issued an invitation…. “It was a chance to show I could write in the field,” she explains. “Nobody else would’ve chosen a woman in those years, but Ludlum did.”  CrimeReads by Rick Pullen


  • The Library Journal names The Book of Spies one of the Best Books of the Year! TWICE!

    “A master of the espionage thriller … a thrilling, spy-laden, history-rich page-turner.” Gayle is honored that the critics of the journal have chosen The Book of Spies as one of the top books of 2011 – both in print, and in audio.

    The Book of Spies is the prequel to The Assassins.

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    We saved some of these great bookmarks to give to those of you who infiltrate GayleLynds.com regularly. You can have up to 8 of The Assassins, The Book of Spies, The Last Spymaster, and The Coil.

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  • Top 15 Spy Novels

    The erudite Peter Cannon of Publishers Weekly, the bible of the publishing industry, has compiled a list of 15 top spy novels. It’s a terrific list, and sure to raise some thoughtful — and even heated — discussion. I’m honored that my book Masquerade is number 8, right after Ken Follett’s Eye of the Needle, which I’ve always greatly admired. Thank you.

    1. John le Carre, THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (1963)
    2. Robert Ludlum, THE BOURNE IDENTITY (1980)
    3. Frederick Forsyth, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL (1971)
    4. Ian Fleming, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1962)
    5. Graham Greene, THE QUIET AMERICAN (1955)
    6. Len Deighton, THE IPCRESS FILE (1962)
    7. Ken Follett, THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE
    8. Gayle Lynds, MASQUERADE (1996)
    9. Joseph Finder, THE MOSCOW CLUB (1991)
    10. Helen MacInnes, ABOVE SUSPICION (1939)
    11. John Buchan, THE 39 STEPS (1915)
    12. Norman Mailer, HARLOT’S GHOST (1991)
    13. Daniel Silva, THE UNLIKELY SPY (1996)
    14. Erskine Childers, THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS (1903)
    15. Colin MacKinnon, MORNING SPY, EVENING SPY (2006)


  • Test Your Spy-Q

    Ever wanted to be a spy? You’re not alone. Americans are applying to the CIA at higher rates than ever before. For fun, step into the World of Espionage and test your Spy-Q — ten questions with answers, and your personal score. Enjoy!



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  • ITWYou can get the scoop about brand-new thrillers first!

    If you love thrillers, you’ll love The Big Thrill. This monthly sneak peek relates the latest hot titles not only from major thriller authors but from new writers, some of whom will be tomorrow’s stars. Sponsored by International Thriller Writers, Inc.(ITW), it’s a feast of reading possibilities as well as chock full of news from the thriller world. By the way, ITW was cofounded by Gayle and David Morrell; both were copresidents.

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The Assassins The Book of Spies The Last Spymaster The Coil Mesmerized
Mosaic Masquerade The Altman Code The Paris Option The Hades Factor
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