Gayle's New Spy Thriller is Coming June 30, 2015!

"[The Assassins] will surely stand with the year's best thrillers." - David Baldacci

Recently retired from U.S. military intelligence, Judd Ryder is walking home one evening when he sees a man wearing his clothes step out of his house. Moments later, the man is killed in a hit-and-run. Was the stranger the intended victim, or was it Judd himself? Searching the man, Judd finds a phone with only one number dialed - to CIA trainee Eva Blake, Judd's former girlfriend. What Judd and Eva don't know is that they've unwittingly been trapped in a battle to the death against six professional assassins, and only one will be left standing.
"A roller coaster of action and suspense.... I defy you to put this book down once you start." - James Rollins

"A perfect piece of thrilling entertainment." - Steve Berry

"Rich settings, beautifully crafted characters, and a compulsively readable storyline, a magnificent novel from a major talent." - Doug Preston

The Library Journal names The Book of Spies one of the Best Books of the Year! TWICE!

"A master of the espionage thriller ... a thrilling, spy-laden, history-rich page-turner." Gayle is honored that the critics of the journal have chosen The Book of Spies as one of the top books of 2011 - both in print, and in audio.

The Book of Spies is the prequel to The Assassins.

Ever wonder how a villain is created?

In this short video, Gayle talks about how she accidentally created a major villain in the collaborative novel, Watchlist.
trenchcoat Get Involved in a CIA Operational Scenario
While you're at the Farm, the CIA's very secret base in Virginia, you'll receive paramilitary training including airborne jumps and a POW camp experience, learn how to work with explosives, experience and conduct vehicle "crash and burn" on both land and water, and become versed in weapons, recruiting, and surveilling. One of the most important of your courses will be to plan operations in fictitious nations with names like Vaingloria, Arrogancia, and Farlandia.
Publisher's Weekly Top 15 Spy Novels

The erudite Peter Cannon of Publishers Weekly, the bible of the publishing industry, has compiled a list of 15 top spy novels. It's a terrific list, and sure to raise some thoughtful — and even heated — discussion.

1. John le Carre, THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (1963)
2. Robert Ludlum, THE BOURNE IDENTITY (1980)
3. Frederick Forsyth, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL (1971)
4. Ian Fleming, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1962)
5. Graham Greene, THE QUIET AMERICAN (1955)
6. Len Deighton, THE IPCRESS FILE (1962)
8. Gayle Lynds, MASQUERADE (1996)
9. Joseph Finder, THE MOSCOW CLUB (1991)
10. Helen MacInnes, ABOVE SUSPICION (1939)
11. John Buchan, THE 39 STEPS (1915)
12. Norman Mailer, HARLOT'S GHOST (1991)
13. Daniel Silva, THE UNLIKELY SPY (1996)
14. Erskine Childers, THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS (1903)
15. Colin MacKinnon, MORNING SPY, EVENING SPY (2006)
character Want your name to appear in Gayle's next spy thriller?

This is all you have to do to have your name considered: By February 1, 2015, first sign into Gayle's guestbook, then send an email to swearing you don't mind who your namesake ends up being — hero or villain, walk-on or long-running secondary character, or even a mangled corpse. Gayle will choose names and get back to you later... More

The Last Spymaster Test Your Spy-Q

Ever wanted to be a spy? You're not alone. Americans are applying to the CIA at higher rates than ever before. For fun, step into the World of Espionage and test your Spy-Q — ten questions with answers, and your personal score. Enjoy!

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